How can I speak fluently English?

How can I speak fluently English?

How can I speak fluently English?

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How can I speak fluently English?

Tips to speak English fluently




There are hundreds of interviews being conducted in India alone right now. There are thousands of job vacancies in different departments in India and still, people keep complaining about unemployment. We cannot satisfy everyone on the street but there are people who have been waiting for a good job opportunity for many years and are not getting the growth that they expected in their chosen field of work.

But every time a job vacancy pops up, there is a small requirements list that is attached to the job description. “A good personality and good English communication skills”, this has become a permanent line in these job descriptions. People who have poor Speaking skills and that too in Best English speaking course in Chandigarh don’t even apply for these jobs thinking about the embarrassment they would have to face when they sit for an interview.

Today, we will try to address this situation in our youth and try to give a valuable solution. Also, with this article, we will try to give you some tips for your question of how can I speak fluently English? So, let us start with the topic without wasting any more time.

How can I speak fluently English?

Certain pupils grow up in Indian villages where access to English language education is limited. We’ve observed pupils having difficulty repeating the alphabet song. These students are well over the age of 15 and 17 respectively. The problem with our education system was that it got divide at a very early stage. Students whose parents had some money to spend on their children sent them to convent and private schools and parents who didn’t have money sent their children to cheap government schools. Today, we see very nicely built government schools and colleges. But in the early 2000s, the government schools didn’t even have ceilings while we were growing up. For them, English is more of a challenge than a subject.

Here are some tips for speaking fluent English:

 Practice Regularly

You will never be able to learn or speak a language until you practice it regularly. You have to keep your subject in your head at all times. 

 Listen Actively

Speaking fluently starts with correct listening. You must keep yourself busy with English content. You can watch a movie or a TV show or watch sports with English commentary. Simply keep hearing what is being stated there and repeating it.

 Speak Slowly and Clearly

Speaking fluently doesn’t include speaking in full throttle. Speaking rapidly causes you to either run out of breath or finish speaking before you have time to think of new phrases. Therefore, learn to speak slowly and clearly which will give you more time to process more information quickly and create more words for you.

 Expand Vocabulary

Keep a small diary and a pen with you at all times. In that diary, you must write and learn new words that will expand your vocabulary. Do this exercise every day and by the time you are done, you will have a whole dictionary of words in your hands. All you need to do now is revise it so that you can use those words in sentences.

 Engage in Conversations

Tell your friends that you want to learn this language completely and for that, you will talk to them in English only. Having your friends and family around will make practicing much easier.

 Record Yourself

This is something that has helped hundreds of our students. As you practice speaking English, you can record yourself. This allows you to review your pronunciation and grammar together and correct any errors you made while recording.

Seek Feedback

In order to study any subject, you need feedback that is reliable and honest. Only your instructors or relatives can receive this. Asking your pals for assistance will just cause them to divert you from your learning process. Ask the people who can give you the correct guidance.

 Focus on Pronunciation

Learn the correct way to pronounce a word. If you don’t get it on the first attempt, listen to it again and again. Listen to the correct pronunciation in slow motion if you have to but keep trying. Once you get the pronunciation right, keep practising it till you get used to the word.

 Use Language Learning Apps

Technology has made life easy for us humans. Today, apps like Duolingo are available where you can create free accounts and learn any language with the help of funny animations and pictures. They offer exercises that help you improve your English skills in all aspects.

  Be Patient

Being fluent in anything takes time and practice. Time is something you have no control over. But the one thing you can commit to is practising regularly. Let time take its course and focus on the main objective. You might get bored once or twice in a practice session but that is natural for any student.

These are some tips that might help you become fluent in English. If you are dedicate enough, these should be everything you need on your learning journey. If you need any more assistance, we at EnglishPro are here for you at all times. All you have to do is enrol in any one of our English-speaking courses in Chandigarh and we assure you that you will leave our institute as a more confident and fluent English-speaking person.


In conclusion, the culture and stigmas that are stuck around the English language in India will take more than centuries to go away. It is an inferiority complex that has been planted within every Indian citizen so that they never accept their reality and stay in a constant state of embarrassment. But, English speaking course in Chandigarh like the ones at EnglishPro are helping hundreds or maybe thousands of students to get over their fear of being ridiculed. This confidence is all they need and they can touch the sky if pushed a little bit harder.


  1. Can I learn English in a few days?

If you are dedicate enough, you might even learn it in a few days. But you have to practice a lot for that.

  1. What is the duration of an English-speaking course?

The duration of any English course depends on the institute and the student’s needs. 

  1. Can I join this course during my school days?

Yes, we have several evening batches as well as online classes that you join even during your school semester.

  1. What can I do if I am shy while speaking?

You need to work on your confidence first. That can don with the help of friends and family members.

  1. What is the fee structure of the course?

There are multiple courses with multiple difficulty levels. The fee structure will depend on which course the student decides to choose.

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